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Roasted Almond with Honey Blue Diamond

Roasted Almond with Honey Blue Diamond

598.000vnđ /Kg

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Roasted Almond with Honey Blue Diamond – 100% American standard almonds

Ingredients: almonds, honey
Manual: use directly
HDBQ: Store in dry, clean, cool place, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature
Duration: 23 months
Origin: Blue Diamond Growers. United States production

Almond Almond – Queen of nuts. Almonds contain a large amount of antioxidants, so it works to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals. The vitamin E content in almonds contributes to the prevention of cancer and heart disease. Almond also contains a lot of protein, fat, healthy fiber, especially low-carbs foods that are suitable for people with diabetes. The amount of good fatty acids in seeds is also very high, so almonds are considered a golden food for children as well as pregnant women.

Almonds are also one of the nuts that improve blood sugar, control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart disease in people with type 2 diabetes. In a 24-week study, participants supplemented with 20% of their daily calorie intake from almonds in the 2000-calorie daily plan – a 0.3% reduction in A1c.

Atlas Garden almonds are an ideal choice for those who are looking to lose weight or diet.


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