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Ipose Pomodori Secchi

Ipose Pomodori Secchi

784.000vnđ /Hộp

Ingredients: dried tomato, sunflower seed oil, wine vinegar, salt, sugar, acidity regulator, citric acid, natural flavoring, antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid
Net weight: 1600g / bottle
Manual: Direct use or customized processing
Storage: Store in a dry, clean, cool place, protected from sunlight and high temperature, keep cold after opening.

Warning information: Do not use the product when it is expired
Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture
NSX & HSD: See on the package
Publication number: 16 / ATLASFINEFOOD / 2019
Made at: IPOSEA S.R.L ITALY. Origin: Italy

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