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Pine nuts

Pine nuts

1.170.000vnđ /Kg

Pine Nuts: widely used all over the world, especially in European countries for snacks, salads, mixed with toast or vegetarian or as a snack. .

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Ingredients: 100% raw shelled pine nuts – Pine nuts
Net weight: 1kg / bag
User manual: Processing as you like
Storage: Store in dry, clean, cool place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Ideal temperature: 50 degrees F – 10 degrees C. Storage temperature below 18 degrees C
Warning information: Product is derived from tree seeds. Do not use the product after the expiration date
SD term: 18 months from date of manufacture. Expiry date is indicated on the product packaging.
Published number: 27/2017/0312080177-CBPH
Made in: ATLAS FOOD / USA manufactured. Address: 5520 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97239, United States

American pine nuts are slightly small in size, relatively like chestnut, but it has a glossy brown shell, flat shape and the inside of the kernel will be ivory-white. This type of seed is famous for its beauty, balm, and body effect, a tonic that is loved by many people. The great use of pine nuts is to promote blood circulation, helping to improve anemia. Traditional medicine thinks that pine nuts are sweet, slightly moderate, have uses such as energy, tonic, harmonize, skin beauty, laxative, except cough, laxative, …


Pine nuts can be eaten both as a snack and used to prepare dishes such as:

Cook seed porridge
Coffee beans
Baking, making essential oils
Cook salad and many other dishes

Methods of preservation

With peeled pine nuts, please note that if you do not leave the product at temperatures above 18 degrees C, or exposure to sunlight will cause rapid quality loss and fast deterioration.


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